Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wallpaper three-dimensional Wallpaper 3d

We all know how cool 3D images can be when they are created by professionals, even a small and unimportant thing can create tons of good feedback from 3D fans. If you are into 3D modeling, then you would love to have some inspirational stuff around you.

I’ve collected for you some of the best 3D wallpapers around, and I’m pretty sure that you will like them too.

Most of the 3D modeling were made in: 3dsMax, Maya, Blender, Caligari, Shrek Software or just plain Photoshop.

Before I start this, I want to wish you all the good things and best of luck in the new year 2014. Hope it will be a good year for all of us and for the design industry too.

Wallpaper or murals , three-dimensional Mnatr naturally available in all sizes , aims most people pick wallpaper, three-dimensional or wall of the living room and the reception of the character of a luxury and dignity to upgrade the room and make it more attractive and earn appearance breadth when choosing wallpaper suggests so. It is the practical benefits of wallpaper that hides the problems that may arise , such as cracks in the wall and humidity.
Raw materials available for wallpaper markets, but many good ones is that accepts washing a semiconductor factory plastic materials or synthetic fibersThe industry began wallpaper in the seventeenth century , they drew flowers and plant formations , and landscapes on the pages of Foreign Affairs of rectangular paper made from rice straw . In the eighteenth century , the paper industry has developed in the fifties of the twentieth century, the so-called former wallpaper paste with water is Thblalh hand adjacent to the wall before Elsagah .Has been designing and creating more forms of three-dimensional wallpaper to fit all tastes and solve the problem of wanting to give artistic touches to the walls of the deviation quick and less expensive than freehand drawing on the walls and those who do not have sufficient time and effort to follow up on handicrafts .In light of the evolution of designs and forms of murals and wallpaper could stylists to make his presence between the elements of interior decoration strongly , especially in recent years where you can choose between a lot of graphics compatible with the Classic or Almodr , forms of geometric shapes and floral elements colors shiny or stretch or publications Graphic Design all there are some colors and shapes you can paint oil -coded by hand after glued .Of the most important factors before installing the wallpaper, or three-dimensional colorful murals is to find a design that you want that you trust that it will be a source of beauty and luxury with the other elements of the decor inside the room , and that the BJP commensurate with the nature and size of the room and choosing the right wall inside one room carefully

Wallpaper 3d

Wallpaper three-dimensional  Wallpaper 3d


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