Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to create ostrich feather centerpieces

How to create those wonderful ostrich feather centerpieces. You need feathers, Eiffel tower glass vases, floralytes (the standard size disposable ones and the floralyte II can fit in up to 16" Eiffel tower vases)or fairy lights can (they fit in all the tower vases) come on silver wire and are submersible (not the battery pack) , Oasis straight handle Wedding Belle bouquet holders and centerpiece table mirrors.
The Oasis straight handle bouquet holder fits in the top of the vase and holds the feathers . It has a thin straight handle. You can cover the stem of the holder with tape if you need a tighter fit in the vase.
You could also use one of these floral foam holders: 7" round floral foam holder and the 6.5" floral foam holder. You will have to attach the floral foam to them with tape.
Start by placing the feathers in the floral foam -along the bottom edge of the straight handle bouquet holder .

How to create ostrich feather centerpieces

Use the shorter and wider feathers (drabs not plumes) for most of the arrangement, if you can. The drabs will give you fullness. Use the plumes for the top or wherever you want the feathers to be longer and flowing. Best to mix a few of the plumes into the arrangement when you have it almost done.

The Eiffel tower glass vases are not weighted so if you are having the event out of doors you will need to anchor them with floral clay. The fluted trumpet vases are weighted so they will hold your arrangement in place.
See all the tall vases.
Make your feather arrangements a few days before the event so the feathers have time to relax and get the proper shape.
The day of the event. Lift the bouquet holder out of the vase and place your lights (if you are using them) in the vase. Some Floralytes will fit but be sure to measure the top of the vase before purchasing them. The Vinelytes fit in all size vases. Then fill the vase with crystal fibers or Colorfill vase filler , or vase gems to help the light illuminate it and hide the lights . The photo at the top shows a white frosted vase with lights.
You can also use "under" vase lights to illuminate the vase from the bottom up. Place a few floralytes and aquabrites in the feathers for "spot lighting" .
You will need 15-30 ostrich feathers per arrangement. 40 if you want it extra full. The longest feathers should be plumes not spades. Spades are shorter with a thicker center quill. You want the side feathers to flow downward.
Drabs work great for filler and are cheaper than the plumes. The plumes are the same size but bend slightly at the top.


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