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There are 5 types of feathers: tail feathers, short body feathers, long body feathers, and floss and wing plumes.
The chick feathers are of the wing plumes category and appear soon after hatching. These plumes are ripe at 6 months and the quills 2 months later. They are brown on the top and dark grey on the bottom of the plume.The chick feathers on the lower part of the body and under the belly are white.
After about 5-6 months, the chick feathers begin to lose these characteristics, and are plucked because they are not of high quality. After 2 years, the sex of the ostrich is clear, because the male has black body feathers, while those of the hen are a dull grey.
The female feathers are a dull grey colour, ideal for breeding during the day because she is well-camouflaged. With the grey feathers, she has creamy-white wing, tail and ventral plumes. The white on the feathers forms a unique pattern along the shaft, like a human fingerprint.
The male feathers are black in colour, with the exception of the white wing-tips and tail-plumes and this is perfect camouflage for breeding at night. This is the reason why the males will guard and breed the eggs at night, and the females, with their dull grey feathers, breed during the day. Tail plumes are normally a brownish-orange colour because of the red Oudtshoorn dust, which can be easily washed off to return to its original white colour. The lower 30cm of the neck is covered with feathers, and the remainder with short downy feathers and hairs, as well as the head that is covered with short, straight hairs.


 A prize male ostrich yields around 40-50 plumes. Between 200 and 300 wing plumes would make 1kg, whereas female wing plumes are even lighter. The total “harvest” from one bird at one plucking weighs about 2kg including body feathers. IF the feathers stay in the ostrich after they become “ripe”, they lose their lustre and become dull (hence the bird must be plucked, while the quills are still “green”). The quills are pulled out to prevent irritation to the bird and damage to the new feathers starting to grow behind the quills. The ostriches are never left completely bare at any stage, to prevent sun burn and skin damage.


 Feather boas are wing plumes “plucked” from the shaft of the feather and tied together with a needle and string. Approximately 40 wing plumes are used to make a 1.5m boa, and takes about a day and a half to make.
30 grams of body feathers are used to make one feather duster. Feather dusters can be successfully washed and dried because the ostrich has no oil glands and the feathers are therefore not oily. The reason why ostrich feathers work so well as feather dusters is because once they are stroked, they become charged with static electricity. This helps the dust particles to stick to the feather, unlike other feather dusters that just move the dust around.

Ostrich feather boas

Genuine natural ostrich feather dusters

Colourful ostrich feather dusters

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Wallpaper three-dimensional Wallpaper 3d

We all know how cool 3D images can be when they are created by professionals, even a small and unimportant thing can create tons of good feedback from 3D fans. If you are into 3D modeling, then you would love to have some inspirational stuff around you.

I’ve collected for you some of the best 3D wallpapers around, and I’m pretty sure that you will like them too.

Most of the 3D modeling were made in: 3dsMax, Maya, Blender, Caligari, Shrek Software or just plain Photoshop.

Before I start this, I want to wish you all the good things and best of luck in the new year 2014. Hope it will be a good year for all of us and for the design industry too.

Wallpaper or murals , three-dimensional Mnatr naturally available in all sizes , aims most people pick wallpaper, three-dimensional or wall of the living room and the reception of the character of a luxury and dignity to upgrade the room and make it more attractive and earn appearance breadth when choosing wallpaper suggests so. It is the practical benefits of wallpaper that hides the problems that may arise , such as cracks in the wall and humidity.
Raw materials available for wallpaper markets, but many good ones is that accepts washing a semiconductor factory plastic materials or synthetic fibersThe industry began wallpaper in the seventeenth century , they drew flowers and plant formations , and landscapes on the pages of Foreign Affairs of rectangular paper made from rice straw . In the eighteenth century , the paper industry has developed in the fifties of the twentieth century, the so-called former wallpaper paste with water is Thblalh hand adjacent to the wall before Elsagah .Has been designing and creating more forms of three-dimensional wallpaper to fit all tastes and solve the problem of wanting to give artistic touches to the walls of the deviation quick and less expensive than freehand drawing on the walls and those who do not have sufficient time and effort to follow up on handicrafts .In light of the evolution of designs and forms of murals and wallpaper could stylists to make his presence between the elements of interior decoration strongly , especially in recent years where you can choose between a lot of graphics compatible with the Classic or Almodr , forms of geometric shapes and floral elements colors shiny or stretch or publications Graphic Design all there are some colors and shapes you can paint oil -coded by hand after glued .Of the most important factors before installing the wallpaper, or three-dimensional colorful murals is to find a design that you want that you trust that it will be a source of beauty and luxury with the other elements of the decor inside the room , and that the BJP commensurate with the nature and size of the room and choosing the right wall inside one room carefully

Wallpaper 3d

Wallpaper three-dimensional  Wallpaper 3d

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 OSTRICH PILLOW offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease. It is neither a pillow, nor cushion, bed or garment, but a bit of each all at the same time. It’s soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates both your head and hands, perfect for a power nap. You can use the Ostrich Pillow at your desk, on a bench, on the train or while you wait at the airport to catch a flight. In fact, you can use the Ostrich Pillow whenever and wherever you feel like the need to nap.







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Advantages and disadvantages of feather pillows

A list of the advantages and disadvantages of feather pillows and about whether they will be of interest to you


Feather pillows are known for being soft, cuddly and flexible. They mold to your head and neck reasonably well, and provide more support from the bottom. It also aims to provide cushions the head and neck in terms of support and when you need it by scrunching up a pillow in a position that suits you best.

As they are known all over the pillows most durable and will last for many years with reasonable care. Feather pillows and can usually be machine washed or dried. It is a strong value because they often last a long time.

Feather pillows very little weight, in fact they typically weigh no more than a pound or two.


After can feather pillows while down somewhat, and often do not keep great support throughout the night.

From this, you find many that you're constantly adjust the pillow, plumping and shaking during the night.

Can often difficult feather quills be noticed through this issue and sometimes can appear through. I also notice many grinding noise like when they are feather pillows because pressure can contain hard parts or pillows because it has a layer of plastic to prevent feathers from poking through.

It is also known that the feather pillows that have an odor because of the chemicals used to sterilize the feathers.

Choosing the right pillow suit your style of sleep

1. Determine how you sleep at night and how you set up your pillows before heading to the land of approval. This will give you a good idea of ​​what kind of neck and back support needs while sleeping.
2. If you sleep on your side may want a long feather pillows to snuggle up to one under your head is thin to give you a little bit of support.
3. If you sleep on your stomach and put a pillow flat suit you best to keep your back in alignment as well as provide enough support for your neck.
4. If you sleep on your back, you might want to snuggle up on a pillow feathers similar to a huge feather bed.
5. Find great discounts on the Internet. Quilt and pillow warehouse offers up to 60 percent of some of the pillows, bedding, including memory foam pillows and feather pillows.
6. Do you vary your position to sleep? If you do, you may need to change the types of pillow you have on your bed and choice of pillows bed every night you use all.
7. If you have a recent surgery or need additional support in bed, you need many of a certain type of cushion that will be compatible with your body. Best pillow for this is memory foam pillow that conforms to the shape of the neck and head giving you full support during sleep.
8. More the merrier when it comes to pillows pregnant woman. Pregnant women need to support a large extent what you can get when it comes to sleep and feather pillows may be an option to consider.
9. If you suffer from back pain may want to sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees or on your side with a mattress pad between your knees.
10. If you suffer from a lot of sensitivity, you can purchase special pillows that reduce sensitivity to give you sleep that night perfect. Look for hypoallergenic pillows or cushions microscopic quilt and pillow warehouse.

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